I Walk Amongst Lions

I live for the Nights i'll always remember, with the people i will Never forget.
Music Is Life

Jose (Yousuf) , 22,
California, Murica.
I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge. #PopPunk #EDM
VIDEO: the top 10 Quran verses that explain ISIS →



If you listen to John Kerry over at the State Department, you’d believe that ISIS’s brutality “has nothing to do with Islam.” Seriously, John Kerry actually said that.

Apologetics group Answering Muslims has put together a video of the top 10 verses that explain ISIS and their violence….

Being A Tattooed Muslima →


I’ve been sick my whole life
Crohns Disease reared its ugly head when I was just a kid
I couldn’t understand, if everything happens for a reason then why was my body committing treason
But now finally free from that haunting hospital
I find myself being examined and tested all over again
Not by the cold hands of the strangers whom I blindly trusted because of a suffix they bought with their trust fund

You deserve to be happy. And I wish that for you, always.

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